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Serbian president to win second title

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Predicted results from Serbia's presidential and parliamentary elections show that Aleksandar Vucic and his Progressive Party have both won.

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in joint forecasts Electoral Commissioner CeSID and polling organization Ipsos predicted that Vucic would win a second presidential term in five years, receiving nearly 60 percent of the vote meanwhile The Progressive Party will maintain its dominance in parliament. by receiving more than 40 percent of the votes

Let's say they form regular alliances with the Socialist Party. They should have a comfortable governing majority.Mr Wusik said he was "proud" of the "great support of the people" and described his campaign as a "The cleanest and most beautiful campaign in Serbian history"He stated the priority for his second term was continuing to modernize Serbia.

attract foreign investment and ensuring peace and stability And he stated that he would aim to maintain Belgrade's traditional relationship with Moscow. Although Russia invaded Ukraine - while continuing to negotiate with EU members Good relations in this region are the most important. But it doesn't destroy traditional friendships with friends,The opposition will be bitterly disappointed with the outcome.

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