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The big problem: “The big problem: “Rising interest rates” go against the global economy.” go against the global economy.

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The big problem: “Rising interest rates” go against the peopleSLOTwho continuously play and try to play free slots. There was no slight fading. It has been in service for over 5 years and has excellent customer care experience, along with additional services and special bonuses. Anyone looking for a website that offers the latest slots ready for continuous distribution will be complete. Let me tell you that you should never miss it.  global economy.
All over the world know that Interest rates are in an uptrend. What is not yet clear is This interest rate hike How fast and violent And how will it affect the overall economy?

an increase in interest rates causing concern around the world This is partly because we are familiar with the low interest rate environment. The cost of money has been cheap for a long time.

The Economist pointed out that not a single country in the last 10 years has set interest rates higher than 2.5 per cent by the wealthy G7 central bank. Comparing back to 1990, the G7 interest rate at that time was even higher than 5%.

“Low interest rates” allow the government to use a particularly large budget deficit. And it is considered a catalyst for asset prices to skyrocket. but at the same time when the economy slows Policy makers have to turn to other tools to solve the problem. Whether it's buying bonds or sowing money to stimulate the economy.

The problem at this time is "Inflation", which has risen sharply and sharply as fears over the COVID-19 crisis fade, has escalated and severe inflation in many countries around the world. especially in the United States. which has gone up to the level of 7% already

more expensive products more expensive oil In the U.S., households and businesses in the country are increasingly anticipating inflation that has started to affect wages higher. This will become a driving force for real inflation even higher.

A survey last December found that most Americans expect inflation to rise by about 6 percent over the next 12 months, while wages and salaries in the United States in 2021 have adjusted. increased by 5% compared to 1 year ago

This is not a unique phenomenon in the United States. The indication is during the last year As many as 12 emerging economies have raised interest rates to alleviate inflation. The Bank of England has also raised interest rates twice, most recently on February 3.

Investors are expected to The European Central Bank (ECB) has long frozen interest rates low. will raise interest rates to at least 2 times this year

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