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Adjust your attitude! Zelenski is not a member of NATO. Knowing that the Allies are afraid of facing Russia

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Adjust your attitude! Zelenski is not a member of NATO. Knowing that the Allies are afraid of facing Russia 

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Adjust your attitude! Zelenski is not a member of NATO. Knowing that the Allies are afraid of facing Russia
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky changed his stance, saying: He no longer pressured the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to accept Ukraine as a member, a sensitive issue. This was one of the main reasons Russia decided to invade its western neighbor.

Zelenski said He is open to compromise on the status of theslot 168two separatists supporting Russia. which Russian President Vladimir Putin has recognized and recognized as independent. before the start of the attack on Ukraine on February 24

Speaking about the matter in an interview with US ABC News, Zelenski said: “I've been less interested in this question for a while now. When we understand that NATO is not ready to accept Ukraine as a member. Because the NATO allies are afraid of conflicts. and afraid to face the Russians.”

Zelenski also spoke about NATO membership, stating: He doesn't want to be the president of a country who has to kneel and beg for something.

Russia has always expressed its stance that it does not want neighboring Ukraine to join NATO. which was a transatlantic cooperation created when the Cold War began. to protect Europe from the Soviet Union

However, even though the Cold War had ended long ago But in recent years NATO has expanded its membership into Eastern Europe to take over the former Soviet Union. which upset Russia and see NATO expansion as a threat by adding new western allies on the doorstep of the Russian house

It wasn't long before the Russians invaded Ukraine. He recognized the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. It has been at war with the Ukrainian government on separatism since 2014, while Russia has said it wants Ukraine to recognize the two territories as sovereign and independent.

ABC News asked Zelensky about Russia's demands, to which he said he was open to talks. And what he's talking about is safety guarantees. However, these two regions are not recognized by anyone other than Russia. So it's like a pseudo-republic. But we can discuss and come to a compromise on how these lands will continue to live.

“What is important to me is that the people of those territories can live their lives the way they want. Who wants to be part of Ukraine? while people in Ukraine would say they want them together. So the question is more difficult than just a matter of acceptance,” Zelensky said.

Zelenky also said that This is another ultimatum. And we are not prepared for an ultimatum. All it has to do is for President Putin to begin the process of negotiations and talks. instead of living in air bubbles of oxygen-deprived information.

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