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n Pics& Clip : Australia's flooding hits 20 amid heavy rain in Sydney, more than 60,000 evacuated across New South Wales.

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n Pics& Clip : Australia's flooding hits 20 amid heavy rain in Sydney, more than 60,000 evacuated across New South Wales.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Australia's latest flooding death tollSLOTXO

stands at 20, with flash flood warnings extending across the east coast today (March 8) as Sydney residents frantic over the next 24 hours. front While the rain was still falling heavily Across the state of New South Wales, over 60,000 people are evacuated.

Reuters reported today (March 8) that various eastern rivers. It is now nearing the point that it will no longer be able to bear water levels after heavy rainfall in parts of Queensland. and New South Wales in the past few weeks. The cities were cut off, causing the farms to be underwater. Including livestock that were in trouble and roads were flooded.

An Australian mother-and-daughter couple, 67 and 34, were found dead near an abandoned car in a drainage canal west of Sydney. Australian officials said Queensland Police confirmed the death of a man who has been missing in flooding since Feb 27.

As a result, the death toll in Australia's flooding has come in at 20 from the start, with most of the fatalities found in flooded homes. or in a car trying to drive through a flood

Australian Meteorologist Dean Narramore said during a brief news briefing on Tuesday that both small and large flooding had occurred from Queensland to the Victoria border. with a distance of more than 1,555 kilometers

"A serious moment in the next 24 hours, or 48 hours, lies ahead," he said, warning that Up to 120 millimeters of rain could be seen across Sydney in the next 24 hours. Along with the storm that is expected to be over by Wednesday evening (9)

Heavy rain over Sydney And some suburbs, which had been expected to receive up to 200 millimeters of rain since Monday morning, broke the March average rainfall record of 140 millimeters and triggered emergency evacuation orders. in the southwest and northeast of the city Television footage shows a sunken road. including cars on the beaches north of Sydney People living in the lowlands were ordered to evacuate.

which amid flash flood warnings found Authorities have ordered the 5 million residents of Sydney not to avoid unnecessary road trips. and allow more time for public transport It was found that some train services were canceled due to flooding of the tracks.

Australian emergency services estimate that 60,000 people in New South Wales face an evacuation order.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is trailing behind in polls. ahead of Australia's upcoming major elections in May. Ordered more security personnel to be deployed to flood-affected areas.

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