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Hit the netizens' eyes! Rich Viet guy wears 2 kilograms of gold at a time. Cars and motorcycles are still gold!

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Hit the netizens' eyes! Rich Viet guy wears 2 kilograms of gold at a time. Cars and motorcycles are still gold!

Can get a lot of buzz from the netizens After a 39-year-old Vietnamese man posted a clip on TikTok, wearing gold on his neck and wrist, kilo at a time. They also drive cars and motorcycles that are gold.

Tran Doc Loi, a young businessman from An Giang province whoสล็อต 168took up a career in sales. “South American chameleons” are pets for rich people. In the past 3 years, he has been recruiting everything that is "gold" to decorate his body. Wherever he goes, he has to wear gold as much as possible. It is believed that it will attract good fortune. and help his business flourish.

“At first I only wore two or three lines, then it continued to increase. until it feels heavy But I'm used to it,” Tran says. “I try to find a balance. The gold is too small, it will fall off easily. But if the line grows too heavy If you have to wear it for a long time

Besides the enormous gold necklaces and gold bracelets he keeps showing off to netizens, Tran also owns a gold Lexus car and two gold motorcycles, which he claims are clad in pure gold. But some netizens still wonder if it's true or not. because if it is real gold The owner probably wouldn't dare drive to park it somewhere.

Tran said he wears almost two kilograms of gold every time he leaves the house. There are 250 grams of gold necklace in the shape of a dragon, 10 gold rings, and a gold bracelet. and another gold watch, all of which are not worn for fun but to enhance luck according to the principles of "Feng Shui"

“I am a person born with the golden element. So I use things that are gold to enhance my luck,” he explains.

Despite being criticized by some netizens as "pretending to be rich" and being a bad example for young people But these video clips made Tran become a celebrity on social media. And most of the visitors commented that they wanted to be rich and have some gold to wear like this.

A few years ago, another Vietnamese man, Tran Ngoc Phuc, posted a clip of a 13-kilogram gold-plated show that made headlines as well.

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