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Biden-Elon Musk loves EVs, too. But why can't they stand each other?

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Biden-Elon Musk loves EVs, too. But why can't they stand each other?

On February 5, 2022, CNN observed two  It must beSLOT XOsaid that the camp's online slot games are available in a variety of games, which are no less than 200 games, which are easy to choose from. For beginners and tough games that add more challenges too. Every game has a similar way of playing.

 prominent US leaders, President Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, saying they both liked and supported the use of EVs. But the arrows do not eat each other.

For Biden, it is the leader who promotes the policy of wanting new cars in the United States to use all electric power. therefore proposed various facilitation measures make this plan come true Whether the tax credit is given to the buyer or let the government support the establishment of electric charging stations

The question of why Biden is just doing it with Tesla when it promotes the goodness of electric cars? The answer should be explained by these three letters – UAW.

UAW, short for United Auto Workers, is a union of workers in the automobile industry. The people in the union now worry that Switching to EVs will affect the jobs of people in the union. because the production of electric cars less parts and requires less labor

Ford Motor Company estimates that Number of workers used to produce EVs about 30% less than traditional cars

In addition, most of the EV's value comes from the battery panel. where automakers come together to use battery factories together rather than producing them in their own factories. And it is unclear whether the battery manufacturers will form their own unions.

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