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The dangers of "antibacterial soap"

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The FDA states that soap mixed with antibacterial substances may have a negative effect on us. If used more often or more than necessary
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that soap is a product used to clean the body in daily life. Can wash away dirt better than using water alone which is used for cleaning purposes is therefore classified as a cosmetic Many manufacturers are now adding antibacterial agents to their soaps. Claims that it can cleanse the skin better. Because antibacterial substances will help destroy germs on the skin.

The dangers of antibacterial soaps
bacteria It is a small cell, invisible to the naked eye. canslotbe found throughout the body Cleaning with antibacterial soap Which is commonly mixed in soap, including Triclosan (Triclosan) can clean the skin. clean the dirt And help reduce the number of microorganisms on our skin. But frequent and excessive use will have a negative effect. This is because bacteria have both serious disease-causing and health-beneficial types. The antibacterial agents in soap are unable to differentiate bacteria. It destroys the good bacteria that help protect the body from foreign matter. causing the body to have no immunity to the environment as well as leaving residues of such antimicrobial agents on the skin and resulted in the development of strong bacterial strains.

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