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Chinese children found to fall in population survey Popped up at least 11.6 million people.

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China has undercounted number of children born in 10-year-period by nearly  12 million | 7NEWS

A survey reveals China's one-child policy may result in parents not reporting their births to authorities. and is the cause of the lack of population of more than 11 million people

On November 24, 2021, Bloomberg News reported thatสูตรสล็อต

Chinese authorities had just discovered that at least 11.6 million children were born between 2000 and 2010 as a result of implementing the child policy. alone at that time

The latest figures released by the government show that 172.5 million children were born during that time. That's up from a 2010 survey of 160.9 million.

He Yafu, an independent demographer, said: The numbers come out differently. This may be a result of some parents not reporting their birth. to avoid penalties for violating the one-child policy China only started allowing two children in 2016.

That means parents of children whose children exceed the quota. Choose not to report the birth until the child turns 6, which is the age to enroll in school.

The report also stated that 57% of the children to be registered later are female, which could indicate that the child's parents intentionally did not declare the birth in order to wait for the boy to have a child first. Indicates the value of the Chinese people want. to have more males than females

The numbers also had to be adjusted for children born between 2011 and 2017, meaning the problem of population counting was underestimated. It's more likely to happen after 2010.

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