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French Prime Minister infected with COVID-19

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Jean Castex, Prime Minister of France Infected with COVID-19 and quarantined, but still working

Foreign news agencies reported fromDownload slotxoParis, France on November 23, the French Prime Minister's Office released a statement. On Monday, Prime Minister Jean Castex, who was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, tested positive. He is in quarantine to treat symptoms, however, Gussek, 56, continues to perform necessary work. The total quarantine period, as a rule, is 10 days.

French Prime Minister Jean Gastex (right) meets with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz in Brussels.

French Prime Minister Visits Belgium last monday and met Prime Minister Alexander de Cru at the Royal Palace in Brussels. On the way back to Paris, I learned that my daughter had contracted COVID-19 and was tested. The Belgian government has no official comment.

while the French Ministry of Health There was a suggestion last week. Have people aged 40 and over receive booster or booster vaccinations. After that, only people aged 65 and over are allowed.

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