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5 foods that lower blood sugar

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5 Foods That Help Control Blood Sugar – The Daily Crisp

Share knowledge about health and disease exercise method weight loss tips for good health You can eat delicious food for a long time.

“Food” is one of the factors that affect blood sugar levels. If someone checks theirSLOTXOhealth and finds that their blood sugar is too high Your doctor may recommend adjusting your eating habits. which can be easily adjusted not wanting too much You can start doing it yourself. Just choose the right food.

5 foods that lower blood sugar
Vegetables are low in carbohydrates, high in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which make them fuller, and fiber also reduces the absorption of sugar in the small intestine. and reduce the reabsorption of bile to help control cholesterol and blood sugar levels People with diabetes should eat more vegetables at every meal, either raw or boiled.

Salmon has protein. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and niacin, especially omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which can help lower blood sugar as well. And it also helps reduce inflammation as well.

Almonds are not only sweet and delicious, but also contain protein, magnesium, and fiber that help in lowering blood sugar as well. Nutrition experts recommend eating a small handful of almonds.

Oats are very high in fiber. Helps to maintain blood sugar levels Oats are also classified as complex carbohydrates. That the body can absorb nutrients and turn starch into sugar in an orderly fashion, thus keeping sugar levels from being too high.

bitter gourd
Bitter gourd contains Charantin, which has anti-diabetic properties. In addition to reducing sugar in the blood, Charantin also helps to stimulate the secretion of insulin from the pancreas to increase. To deal with high sugar in the blood as well.

High sugar foods to avoid
Avoid sugary foods.
especially white sugar causing a large increase in blood sugar levels Because it is 100% carbohydrates, such as sugary drinks, soft drinks, jellies, etc., with high sugar content. other nutrients There are very few benefits to the body. therefore should be avoided except in the case of low blood sugar levels Hand tremors, sweating, coldness, blurred vision, which are often caused by eating at the wrong time. or exercising for too long Drink sugary water, soft drinks - 1 can to cure low blood sugar symptoms.

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