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Warning notice for fraudsters named "DHL" or "DHL Express"

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Beware the DHL delivery message email – it could be a package scam – Naked  Security

It has become an issue that many people

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 are talking about right now. For the case of crooks impersonating "DHL" or "DHL Express" for personal or property information.

Recently, "DHL" or "DHL Express" issued a warning!!!

Caution: Fraudsters impersonate "DHL" or "DHL Express" for the purpose of personal or property information. The company is not involved in such action and reserves the right to take legal action against the title leader. Use of trademarks without prior authorization from the Company. In the event that an offense is found, the company reserves the right to take legal action against the offender to the utmost.

Forms used by scammers to deceive
Called to inform that the delivery has been delivered. by pressing the number to see more details
Call to report parcels from foreign countries near customs and unable to deliver You must add Line or transfer money to your personal account to clear things.
We apologize to inform you that you have won and that the product is in the process of shipping. You must provide personal information or pay import taxes without your having a history of participating in such activities in any way.
was summoned to accuse of sending illegal goods and tricked into transferring money to clear the case or transfer the call to clear with the police over the phone
Send an SMS message claiming to be DHL inviting you to click the download link and install the mobile app.

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