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Unlock the price of smartphones supporting 5G benefits

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The best 5G phones in 2021 | Tom's GuideThe best 5G phones in 2021 | Tom's Guide

5G is one of the core technologies driving economic and social progress. as well assloxo

elevating the digital experience to be more streamlined to meet the lifestyles of people around the world For Thailand, 5G is one of the key technologies in enhancing both economic and social infrastructure. including improving the well-being of people advantage in terms of economy

Currently, Thailand is facing challenges in enhancing the country's competitiveness. in order to stand strong in the global or regional arena by accelerating the upgrading of the digital economy Digital Economy A new economy driven by digital technology in the online world

This is the use of 5G technology to increase efficiency and create added value for economic activities in various fields. whether in the manufacturing sector

In society, 5G is a technology that bridges the social gap. help reduce inequality in both public health People across the country have access to the health care system with equal standards. With the telemedicine system in education, children and youth have access to a quality education system that meets standards. in the field of remote systems via the Internet Government services and welfare are faster and more comprehensive.

In terms of today's lifestyle, 5G is faster, higher bandwidth. and less latency A direct benefit to smartphone users is the experience of using a mobile phone or other communication device. smooth and uninterrupted Receiving and sending messages video call Even downloading and uploading large files is extremely fast. This allows users to quickly stream high-quality videos. Unlimited listening to popular podcasts. Despite having a large number of users or even the connection quality is not very good Today, 5G technology on mobile networks Not just for speed And it's not limited to just mobile phones.

But including the use of IoT or Internet of Things devices connected to the Internet on 5G technology networks, which will make the transition to 5G era will change the whole experience of smartphone users. consumption as well as creating various business opportunities Promote and enhance the quality of society as a whole enabling users to connect devices more than ever

This is useful for users in many ways, such as using faster connected smart home devices, sending, receiving, and receiving notifications. including driverless cars remote surgery Robots in factories and other IoT devices in the future, Mr. Paradorn Rambutr, Business Development Manager, HMD Global Company Limited (HMD) provided information.

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