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'Esports has huge potential in Scotland'

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Esports - or electronic sports - is a term used to describe highly competitive video games.James Hood is the chief executive and founder of Esports Scotland, which runs the country's league.He said gaming was a great way for people to communicate and stay together during the coronavirus pandemic.It keeps people connected,Many people may be quite isolated and don't have many families. Live in a one bedroom flat But they are still playing games with their friends.

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There are a lot of people in the deprived areas who don't have much money. But they are playing games.It gives them confidence in life. They can learn to live in social situations. It can help people.The Brave Jnr is an organization founded to "Empowering young people in Central Scotland to build a brighter future through esports"It aims to help young people in Scotland from the most deprived areas to channel their energy,

time and creativity into something worthwhile. while making them think about their future and their education.Spokeswoman Emma Williamson said sports and games bring people together and can help overcome boundaries.The organization has instituted an esports certification program designed for youths who may feel unable to attend university.This is how they can gain confidence, recognition, acceptance of something," she said.

We have a lot of teenagers around the age of 15 or 16 who are really good. They don't go out and do all the normal (bad) things, they are in there and they focus on the game.It gave them a good guide. We should continue to promote the benefits of gaming rather than trying to knock it all the time.” Northern Lights Arena Europe has targeted Dundee with plans for a £60million-art", 4,000-seat gaming arena.Billy Watson, project manager, said it would allow the event to be broadcast worldwide.

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