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New UK homes will legally have electric car chargers

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The government said the move would install as many as 145,000 charging points across the country each year Newly built supermarkets, workplaces and buildings undergoing major renovations will also be subject to the new law.The move comes as the UK aims to switch to electric cars. The sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles is prohibited from 2030.Announcing the new law at the meeting Confederation of British Industry on Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson will say: "This is a pivotal moment. We cannot continue as we are.

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We have to adapt our economy to the green industrial revolution."But Labor said the announcement did not address the "shocking" geographical division of existing charging points.London and the Southeast have more public car charging points than any other part. in England and Wales combined But there is still nothing that will solve this problem.Low- and middle-income families can't afford the electric cars or the investments needed to build the gigantic factories we need,” Labor said.

The government said the new law would "Makes refueling a petrol or diesel car easy today"

It said "easier payment methods" to charge cars through contactless payments will be introduced in "fast, new charging pointThe UK currently has about 25,000 charging points, but the competition and marketing agency says more than 10 times may be needed before 2030.The switch to electric cars is part of the UK's strategy to meet climate targets. Cars and taxis accounted for 16% of UK emissions in 2019.Major automakers such as Jaguar and Volvo plan to go all-electric from 2025 and 2030, and Ford has said all cars sold in Europe will be electric by 2030.

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