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More than 40 countries have pledged to phase out coal.

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Major coal-using countries such as Poland, Vietnam and Chile are among the pledged nations But some of the world's largest coal-dependent countries, such as Australia, India, China and the United States, did not sign the oath Coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change.The signatories are committed to ending all investments in new coal-fired power generation at home and abroad.They also agreed to phase out coal in the 2030s for mainstream economies and 2040 for poor countries. Britain said

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Dozens of organizations have also signed pledges. Many big banks have agreed to stop financing the coal industry.It is nearing the end of coal,” said UK Business and Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng.The world is moving in the right direction. ready to seal the fate of coal and recognize the environmental and economic benefits of building a clean energy-driven future.

But Ed Miliband, UK Shadow's business secretary, said there was a "clear gap" from China and other big emitters. that does not intend to stop increasing domestic coal use. He also noted that there was nothing to end the use of oil and gas.
Although progress has been made in reducing global coal use. But it still produces about 37% of the world's electricity in 2019.

Countries such as South Africa, Poland and India will have to make big investments to make their energy sectors cleaner.Juan Pablo Osornio, head of the Greenpeace delegation at COP26, said: "Overall, this statement lacks the ambitions required for fossil fuels in this critical decade.He added: "This small print seems to help countries Plenty of time to choose the date they retire. Although there are bright headlines

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