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US Biden and Xi Jinping hold talks for first time in seven months

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Mr. Xi Jinping, President of China Talk to US President Joe Biden For the first time in 7 months A White House statement said the two leaders had “Discuss the responsibilities of both countries to ensure competition does not turn into conflict.”This is only the second call between them since President Biden took office.US-China relations are tense There have been clashes on issues such as trade, espionage and pandemics.Both leaders had broad strategic discussions. where they discuss issues where our interests converge. and issues where our interests, values and views differ,” the White House statement added.This conversation, as President Biden made clear, It's part of the ongoing US effort. to manage the competition between the United States and the People's Republic of China responsibly.”

China's CCTV said the call was "frank [and] in-depth", adding that it was comprehensive. "Extensive strategic communication and... issues of common concern.China and the United States Can their relationship be properly managed?… It is important for the future and destiny of the world,” Xi said, according to CCTV.President Donald Trump Biden's predecessor Interacted with Mr. Xi more often when he took office for the first time.within the first six months of administration Mr Trump spoke to Mr Xi twice over the phone. It also invited the Chinese president to Mar-a-Lago, Mr Trump's private club. which the two had a one-on-one conversation with.A top White House official on Friday said: The call was made at the request of President Biden. who was "offended" 

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'Human rights and intervention'

There are a few key areas where the two economic giants clash. The main issues are human rights and democracy issues.US accuses China of genocide of Uighurs in Xinjiang province It also said Beijing was trampling on democratic rights in Hong Kong with its recently introduced security law, which critics say is being used to crack down on dissidents.meanwhile China has told the US Again and again, stop meddling in what Beijing considers its internal affairs. and accused Washington of "taunting" the ruling Communist Party.There is also a matter of trade. Both countries are locked in a trade battle that began in 2018 under then-President Donald Trump.

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