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The UK is expected to comply with the Child Privacy Design Code.

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The 12-month grace period for online child protection design code compliance expires today. This means that app makers offer digital services in the marketplace that are "likely" accessible to children. (originally defined in this context as a user under the age of 18) is expected to meet a set of standards intended to prevent children from being tracked and profiled.age appropriate design code The ICO (also known as 'baby code') came into effect on September 2 last year, however, the UK's data protection regulator ICO. A maximum grace period is allowed for compliance. to give organizations time to adjust their services

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But from today, the standard of code is expected to be met.Code-based services may include connected toys and games and edtech, but also online retail and for-profit online services such as social media and video sharing platforms, which are highly attractive to minors.Among the code requirements is the level of "High privacy" should be applied to settings by default if the user is (or suspected to be) a child - including specific requirements that geolocation and profiling should be turned off by default (unless there is a compelling reason for such privacy-friendly defaults).

The code also advises app makers to provide parental controls while also giving kids age-appropriate information about such tools — warning about parental trackers that can be used to silently monitor children. invisibility / without them being notified .Another standard is aimed at dark pattern designs. by warning app makers not to use "Nudge techniques" to drive children to "unnecessary personal information or weaken or turn off privacy protection.The full code contains 15 standards, but is not integrated into the law. It is a set of design guidelines that ICOs require app makers to follow.

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