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stunt First 'change plane' fails as plane spirals out of control in Arizona

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Flight history has to wait, but it's disastrous.

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Two cousins, Luke Ikins and Andy Farrington, were unsuccessful in the operation. The first "change plane" was Sunday night in the Arizona skies. One of the planes took off as the two pilots flew thousands of feet into the air Both pilots were safe, no injuries were reported.The Red Bull-sponsored flight took place at an undisclosed location in Arizona. It began when two pilots took to the skies at around 5:45 p.m. local time.

almost an hour later The two jumped 12,100 feet into the air with air brakes working on both planes. Aikins was able to get on the other plane, but Farrington was unable to.The plane spiraled out of control when it heard Farrington broadcast that "the blue plane was out of control." Farrington spread a parachute and landed safely in a remote area. The unmanned aircraft had a parachute that was automatically activated when it reached a certain altitude and was deployed before touching the ground.

The condition and location of the aircraft was not immediately known. Wind speeds of 6 mph created favorable conditions for the acrobatics. The pilot said that while boarding the stunt plane This was because the area had faster winds in the days before the event. But Farrington wasn't sure what happened.It just went and instead of stopping in that 90-degree dive, it just kept going and turning," Farrington said. "It was just no chance.


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