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Fish and Furious! Israeli scientists teach 'goldfish' to drive vehicles

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Fish and Furious! Israeli scientists teach 'goldfish' to drive vehicles

scientific progress has made what was once consideredxoimpossible a reality. When Israeli scientists Has trained the goldfish to control the direction of the vehicle's movement. and unlock new potential of this species.

While experts around the world are striving to develop self-driving cars, a team of Israeli scientists now Has developed a vehicle called FOV or fish-operated vehicle or vehicle that can drive and control the direction with the fish itself.

A team from Ben-Gurion University tested a robotic car that looks like a fish tank at the top and sits on a wheeled base. and equipped with a LiDAR radar system, or long-range sensing technology that uses a laser light system to collect information about the location of ”vehicle fish tank”, which is related to the position of the fish in the tank. It can also map surrounding conditions and measure distances. Along with containing a goldfish who plays the role of a chauffeur who controls the experimental vehicle in the aquarium above To study that goldfish can help navigate on land. Is it an unfamiliar environment like in water?

This Israeli team of scientists found that computer components surround camera A radar system that links and converts information from the position of the fish in the tank to the direction of vehicle movement. including electric motors and wheels that move in all directions It has helped unlock new and unexpected skills of goldfish.

In this goldfish driving skills study The research team used 6 goldfish, each trained in their skills to control and drive the aquarium vehicle 10 times, each time able to control and guide the vehicle to its destination, which is the wall on the other side of the tank. A room designated by the research team with a colored sign symbolizing it. Goldfish chauffers will receive food as a reward.

Shachar Givon, one of the research team revealed to Reuters that Surprisingly, the goldfish in this study took only a short time to learn the technique of controlling and propelling the vehicle by swimming around and changing its position in the tank above.

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