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NASA launches a new rocket to the moon as tall as a 32-storey building!

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NASA launches a new rocket to the moon as tall as a 32-storey building!

NASA launches new rocket to be used in lunar exploration program to beเว็บสล็อตxoinstalled at a rocket launch pad in Florida on Thursday evening US time. to prepare for the final test in the coming weeks.

The 2.6 million-kilogram Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, 32-story tall, from the assembly plant to the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, took place at 5 p.m. Thursday. It is broadcast live on the website of the US Space Agency or NASA (NASA).

The rocket's transport will be an ultra-large vehicle that travels slowly over a distance of four miles and is estimated to take approximately 11 hours to transport and mount on the launch pad.

The rocket, which took more than 10 years to develop, will be used to contain the Orion capsule that will carry a team of astronauts to explore the new moon under NASA's Artemis program.

The final rocket test will take place on April 3 and is expected to last two days. It will then begin launching an unmanned rocket circling the moon and returning to Earth in a project called Artemis I.

In the final test, the Orion without a passenger pilot. will be launched from an SLS rocket to travel thousands of miles through the moon. before returning to Earth a few weeks later.

Howard Hu, NASA's Orion project manager, said in a press release that the Artemis I project will collect critical data and analyze the spacecraft's potential before the start of the Artemis 2, human lunar orbit project. Artemis 3 is sending humans to the surface of the moon again.

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