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Satellite images show Russian troops stationed in the Chernobyl radioactive region.

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During the occupation of the Chernobyl nuclear region Russia appears to have troops stationed in areas with high radioactive contamination. Based on new satellite imagery obtained by Planet company NPR.

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The decision raises the possibility that Russia will expose its soldiers to potentially harmful levels of radioactivity over the course of a month. plus the acquisition of a decommissioned nuclear power plant.Experts say this level is not enough to cause sudden radiation poisoning. But it could increase the long-term risk of cancer for soldiers.

"You shouldn't go into contaminated areas and have people camp and dig in the ground," says Kathryn Higley, a radiation health physicist at Oregon State University. While the long-term risk of cancer remains "extremely low," she said this shows Russia is neglecting the well-being of its military.

A risky stop for soldiers

Chernobyl was the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster in 1986. The collapse and explosion spewed radioactive material across the region. And affecting western Europe, nearly 40 years after the accident, exclusion zones, where people are forbidden from living or growing crops. still in effect around nuclear power plant Satellite images clearly show Russian convoys and camps in one of the most radioactive parts of the exclusion zone — on the fringes of the so-called "Red Forest," an area contaminated by a nuclear meltdown. Where most trees died.

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